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Web design and development prices, maintenance cost, support fees, custom built websites pricing.

Web Design & Development Pricing

Small Web Site

Personal (VIP) web site
Personal or professional blog / web site
Price: 1320 1170 EUR (including 30 working hours)

Medium Website

Company / Business web site (5-50 employees)
Small Online Store (5-50 products)
Online Product Catalog (5-50 products)
Exclusive presentation of premium (or new) products and services
Price: 2640 2340 EUR (including 60 working hours)

Large Website

From small to medium business (up to 250 employees)
From small to medium order custom dynamic website with custom database and basic design
Average online store (50-250 items)
High-level (premium) business site
Price: 5280 4680 EUR (including 120 working hours)

Corporate Website

More than one object (chain of stores)
Mass storage, Wholesale
Online sales management system
Price: 10560 9360 EUR (including 240 working hours)

Custom Development / Web System

Custom made and customer requirements
Programming, Databases, Visualization, Access Control
Choosing a High and Secure Class Cloud Hosting & amp; server
Monthly software support / online web system
Price: starting at 390 EUR (including 10 working hours) paid in advance

Additional Features

A multilingual website - every additional language costs 39 EUR per working hour.
Every additional functionality or custom work extends the price with the working hours for its development and publishing.

Website maintenance and support (78 EUR per month)
Domain name and web hosting (from 78 EUR per year)